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Valby Grapples About Us

VALBY® Grapples and Rotators can be mounted on almost any excavator, crane, knuckleboom loader, tractor/backhoe or skid steer, providing the user with a strong and efficient tool for material handling. VALBY® Grapples & Rotators help you get the most out of your base equipment.

VALBY® Grapples are available in many different styles: Log, Universal/Stone, Sorting/Waste or Demolition, as well as Clamshell buckets.

VALBY® Rotators provide unlimited rotation for maximum convenience and dexterity. They are available for hanging mount installation or rigid mount installation.

VALBY® Grapples and Rotators use industry standards for hook-up and mounting. They are interchangeable with most Baltator, Indexator, Rotobeck, Finn Rotator and other manufacturer's components.

VALBY® Grapples and Rotators have been sold in the United States since the mid 1980's.  Northeast Implement maintains inventory of parts and components for all of the grapples and rotators we sell at our 4,000 square foot parts warehouse located in Spencer, NY.

Please call us directly at 888-589-6161 if you have any questions regarding VALBY® Grapples and Rotators.


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