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R45 Rotator Features:

  • The R45 is a hanging 'axle' rotator for use on mini-excavators, knuckleboom loaders and backhoes.
  • Two hydraulic circuits are required to operate the rotation and clamping. However, a diverter valve is available if your equipment only has one circuit.
  • There are two ways to attach this rotator: 1) Pin directly to the boom with an "H-style" full hanger; or 2) Hang from a flat plate coupler designed for your excavator quick attach system. Click here to see an example of a hanging grapple system.
  • Seal kits and replacement parts are in stock.
  • The hook-up dimensions of the R45 are the same as Indexator GV 4 and Fin FR 10 rotators.

Technical Specs:

Unlimited in Either Direction
Max Load

9,900 lbs
Max Working Pressure
3,626 psi

811 lb ft
51.7 lbs
Pin Size
1" (25 mm)

A) Width of Block

2.91" (74 mm)
B) Upper Pinhole

0.98" (25 mm)
C) Axle Diameter
2.32" (59 mm)
D) Lower Pinhole

1.18" (30 mm)
E) Height (pin to pin) 11.06" (281 mm)
JIC ¾" 16
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