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The VALBY® GR36 is a small log grapple for log loaders, farm tractor forwarders and 3-point hitch knuckleboom loaders. The grapple is shown here with the R3 rotator. This combination also works well on small backhoes, converting them into efficient log loaders.

The main features are:

  • VALBY® Grapples close down to a tight minimum opening to maintain control of any size log.

  • A large, powerful cylinder.
  • Double connection rods for good balance and less stress.
  • A belly plate to protect the cylinder from underneath.
  • An excellent geometry. The bypass design of the jaws enables a smooth roll-in and roll-out of the logs, enabling a controlled grab or release. See the Motion Drawing below.
GR36 Motion Drawing

Technical Specs:
Max Opening (A) 36.7"
Height Open (B) 23.2"
Height Closed (C) 15.7"
Min Opening (D)
Width of Jaw (E) 11.3"
Max Lifting Capacity 1,764 lbs
Working Pressure 2,900 psi
Jaw Material Raex 640
Weight 110 lbs
Recommended Rotator R3
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