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The VALBY® SGR76 Tractor Grapple
converts YOUR tractor into a


Bypass Jaws

Modern bypass grapples are an improvement over older clamp grapples. The VALBY® Tractor Grapple is unique in that the jaws bypass each other, so they clamp tightly to the load. As the jaws close, logs are rolled into the grapple in a smooth and effortless way. The logs are then held firmly in place because the load is supported by the tight grip of the bypass jaws and heel bar. This design also transfers the weight to the rear tires for added traction.

Well-designed Components

The VALBY® SGR76 has a hydraulic side-shift cylinder that allows the grapple to be shifted 30 degrees to either side. Side-shifting allows the operator to grab loads without maneuvering the tractor. Side-shifting also makes it easier to stack pulpwood or other materials.

The heel bar counter-balances tree trunks, stacks of pulp wood, brush, and slabs, allowing the load to be lifted completely off the ground. This keeps the material clean and allows materials to be stacked up to the height limit of the tractor hitch.

The grapple can also be used with a hydraulic top link. This is an option if you have enough hydraulic circuits on your tractor. A hydraulic top link allows the grapple to be tilted higher, making it easier to stack pulp wood or other small materials.

A butt plate protects the tractor from logs by keeping them from sliding forward into the tractor. It can also be used to push piles and bunch logs for easier loading.

The hinge point is located close to the tractor, which allows the tractor to make tighter turns while dragging loads.

Rugged Construction

VALBY® Tractor Grapples are designed to endure years of professional use.

The SGR76 weighs 790 lbs. That's a lot of steel!

The jaws feature Box Construction for added strength.

The jaws pivot on thick steel pins.

Every joint has a grease fitting, and all hinge points have bronze bushings for durability.


The grapple mounts on the three point hitch of any Catagory II tractor with 66 horsepower or greater.

For safe operation, the tractor should be equipped with front end weights. For front end weight requirements, click here.

The SGR76 requires two sets of hydraulic lines for operation: one for clamping, and one for side-shift. It is recommended that the side-shift valve be outfitted with a "float" for proper performance. If your tractor has only one circuit, we can provide an optional diverter valve.

The grapple also has a parking stand, which makes it easy to hook-up, disconnect and store the tractor grapple.

Skidding Grapples

Skidding grapples work best in clear-cuts. If you are working on hills or wet, slippery terrain, or of you wish to reduce damage to the stand by selective cutting, a Farmi Forest Skidding Winch may be a more suitable choice of equipment. To find out more about Farmi Skidding Winches and the Farmi Tree Harvesting Method, click here.

The VALBY® SGR76 is ruggedly-built, and can lift any material your tractor hitch can handle.   It carries a one year limited parts warranty.  If your tractor grapple ever needs repairs, we maintain a complete parts inventory at our warehouse in Spencer, NY.

Technical Specs:

3-Point hitch CAT II
Max Opening

Tractor HP 66+ HP
Working Pressure

2,900 psi
Weight 790 lbs
Cylinder Inside Diameter 3"
Cylinder Piston Diameter 1 15/16"
Side Shift 30 degrees right or left
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