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R3Hanging rotators, also referred to as Cardanic Mount rotators, hang from a boom or a flat plate coupler via an "H-style" full hanger, which has two pins at 90 degree plains. This allows the grapple/rotator system to swing in any direction, so the stress of the load is always straight down on the rotator. This way, the rotator housing doesn't crack from "twisting" load stress.

Rotator Vanes VALBY® hanging rotators are "Vane" rotators. Inside the rotator, a series of metal plates called vanes are embedded sequentially around the axle. When the hydraulic oil is pumped into the chamber around the axle, the oil pushes against the vanes, turning the axle. If the direction of the oil is changed, so changes the direction of axle rotation. This system is low-cost, efficient and perfectly suited for hanging grapples used on small- or medium-sized excavators.
Rotator schematic of vanes around axle

Typical applications include log loading, scrap & material handling and any kind of lifting that only requires grabs from above.

The key factor determining the correct combination of grapple and rotator for your application is the operating weight range of the base machine. For help determining the right rotator for your application, call us at


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Model Rotation EXCAVATOR
Max Oper Wt
Lift Force Rating
Rotator Max Load
Max Pressure
R2 Unlimited --- 6,562 4,400 2,900 369
R3 Unlimited --- 19,685 6,600 3,626 516 36.3
R45 Unlimited 11,000 32,808 9,900 3,626 811 51.7
R45F Unlimited --- 32,808 9,900 3,626 811 59.4
R55 Unlimited 13,200 39,370 12,100 3,626 811 66.0
R6 Unlimited 17,600 52,493 13,200 3,626 1,106 99.0
GV12S* Unlimited 22,000 98,425 16,500 3,626 1,770 138.6
GV14S* Unlimited 26,400 131,234 19,800 3,626 1,844 143.0
GV17US203* Unlimited 33,000 196,850 24,750 3,626 2,434 153.6
The following Rigid Rotators, combined with special hangers, provide robust hanging systems for use on very large excavators
RMR8* Unlimited 44,000 - 39,600 4,641 2,655 149.6
RMR12* Unlimited 55,000 - 61,600 4,641 3,098 193.6
RMR16C* Unlimited 83,600 - 83,600 4,641 3,098 297.0
RMR200* Unlimited 99,000 - 110,000 4,641 3,098 332.2

*Available by Special Order only

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